This month IVC US will roll out BluePrint, a new heterogeneous sheet vinyl created for the main street commercial market. The collection features 22 SKUs including hardwood, tile, granite and stained concrete designs.

“Resilient flooring continues to gain market share in the commercial sector,” said Paul Murfin, president of IVC US. “BluePrint will complement our existing commercial offerings by providing a comprehensive collection to address the specific needs of main street commercial.”

BluePrint is recommended for healthcare, corporate, retail, multi-family housing, hospitality, retail and education applications and carries a 10 year limited commercial warranty.

“BluePrint was developed to be a complete package of colors and designs to meet the needs of the main stream market,” said Kaye Gosline, creative director for IVC US. “The designs were chosen to cover three important aesthetics: overall textures, sophisticated stones, and classic woods. Taken as a collection, BluePrint has the feel, breadth of design and color required to build a main street success.”

The collection features IVC’s signature product composition, including a highly resilient fiberglass core that is double encapsulated by PVC layers. This construction ensures 100% dimensional stability meaning that the product will not contract, expand, curl, or crack, according to the company.

The product’s advanced urethane wear layer provides stain resistance and resistance to growth of bacteria and mildew. It does not require polish maintenance, which reduces cleaning costs and harsh chemicals in the environment.

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