FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association, announced that On-line Registration is Now Open for their Mid Year meeting being held in Florence, AL, October 3-5, 2012, at the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa. Register at the FCICA website atwww.fcica.comunder the ‘Highlights’ section on the main page.

The Educational Sessions on Friday October 5th will include the following:

Welding Systems – Tools & Techniques – Different welding methods for many resilient flooring types including the do’s and don’ts will be demonstrated by Brent Fike with FLEXCO/Roppe, Kevin Phillips with nora systems, Inc. and Don Styka with Johnsonite. Application of Self-Levelers – Covering substrate identification, proper preparation, moisture mitigation and the importance of priming prior to self-leveling, and much more. The class will explain the application of cement-based self-leveling compounds for indoor/outdoor use, the application and benefits of new self-leveling technologies and fiber reinforced compounds for critical substrates on renovation projects. Presenter: Karen Bellinger of SCHONOX – High Performance Subfloors. The Risk of Excluding Initial Floor Maintenance - Is there a risk in not contracting the initial maintenance for the floor covering you installed? The class will review that each manufacturer has specific initial maintenance requirements for their product to perform to specification and to validate their warranty. Presenters: Haim Bar-Noy of nora systems, Inc. and Gerry Swift of Mike’s Flooring Companies.

Is Your Concrete Concrete? Avoiding Failures When the Floor Might Be Gypcrete, Fly Ash Concrete or a Lightweight Aggregate - Avoiding failures when the floor might be gypsum-based or when the concrete might have fly ash in it, or lightweight aggregate, or has been treated with silicates. The class will discuss different types of “concrete” substrates you might run into, how to identify what you have, how to understand what you are dealing with and most importantly how to install over it. Presenters: Jeff Johnson of MAPEI and Bruce Newbrough of Ardex Americas.

FCICA, headquartered in West Bloomfield, MI, is an international association organized to provide a unique network for problem solving, education and support, to enhance members’ businesses and the flooring industry. For more information about FCICA, please contact the office toll free at (877) TO-FCICA or 248-661-5015.