BuilderBooks, the publishing arm of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently released the third edition of its Jobsite Safety Handbook which explains what builders can do to comply with OSHA requirements.

The Jobsite Safety Handbook, a comprehensive guide written in both English and Spanish, describes how the residential construction industry can comply with OSHA regulations, while focusing on the most common hazards found on jobsites. The handbook covers the key safety issues residential builders and trade contractors need to focus on to reduce accidents and injuries. It identifies safe work practices and related OSHA regulations that have an impact on the most hazardous activities in the construction industry. Included in the handbook is a series of general safety tips which are designed to provide examples of common best practices for residential construction safety that can be incorporated into a company's safety and health program.

"Utilizing safe work practices on a jobsite is of the utmost importance to our members," said NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Gainesville, Fla. "The Jobsite Safety Handbook covers key safety issues and provides concise tips for complying with OSHA regulations, and preventing jobsite hazards."

With clear illustrations and color photographs, the Jobsite Safety Handbook includes new and updated information on topics such as: Fall protection for roofing work and around openings, Hearing and respiratory protection, Working in confined spaces, First aid, Hazardous materials, Housekeeping and general site safety, and Employer duties, including training and protective equipment.

The handbook highlights the minimum safe work practices and regulations designed to prevent major hazards and causes of fatalities occurring in the residential construction industry. It should be used only as a companion to the actual regulations and as a general guide to safety practices.

For more information and resources on construction safety, OSHA compliance and other safety guidelines, visit Jobsite Safety Handbook, Third Edition is available for purchase at or by calling 800-223-2665. Soft-cover/95pages, $12.50 retail, $11.00 NAHB member, ISBN 978-0-86718-681-9.