ARDEX Americas and POWERHOLD Canada are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. This partnership strengthens the relationship with key distributors of ARDEX and HENRY products in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada.

“Powerhold operates in a way that is very similar to ARDEX Americas,” said ARDEX Americas General Manager, Jesse David. “Like us, Powerhold provides quality products and value-added services to its customers. Both organizations support the installation community, providing education and training.”

The Powerhold brand was established in 1999 by a group of the largest floor covering supply distributors in the world. Known as the F.C.D.A. (Floor Covering Distributor Alliance), these wholesale distributors sell all of the products needed to install any type of flooring.

“As we develop our business in this key geography, we are excited to be partnered with such a strong and well respected group of distributor partners,” said Bill Manus, ARDEX Canada Business Manager.