Rubber Flooring Inc. now offers a complete line of commercial and residential grade carpet tiles at factory direct wholesale prices. Carpet tile flooring is available in numerous major brands as well as a vast number of proprietary branded floor tiles.

“Carpet tiles have been around for years,” states CMO Anthony Schmidt. “What we noticed however is that there are not that many companies that offer carpet tiles for sale online. Being that our company specializes in niche flooring options, we figured this would be a prime flooring market to enter.” Mr. Schmidt continues, “We have actually been offering a a few interlocking carpet tile solutions for a number of years. Our customer’s used this type of tile for home gyms as well as for trade show flooring. However I kept noticing designer carpet tiles installed more and more frequently in a number of commercial applications. I would go to a bank, and they would have carpet tiles installed. I would go to a restaurant with my wife, and again we would see carpet tiles installed. Carpet tiles seem to be everywhere nowadays. After doing some research, we realized the carpet tile market seems to be evolving into an upscale flooring market where carpet tile squares can be used everywhere other luxury floor coverings have been used in the past.”

The Rubber Flooring, Inc. merchandising team is also excited about the new product category. “We have been working on this project for months,” states lead merchandiser Lamont Robbins. “We are nearing completion and when done, we will have the largest selection of name brand and proprietary carpet tiles available online. We will have name brands such as Shaw, Milliken, and more. We will have various commercial and residential grade proprietary brands. We will also have various Berber tiles, wool tiles, solid color tiles, as well as tiles with graphical and textural patterns.”

“There are a few competitors offering similar products online,” concludes CMO Anthony Schmidt. “However they do not have that much competition right now. With our company entering this market, we believe this is only going to be good for the end of the line consumer. We will be able to help eliminate middlemen and thus lower prices in an industry that hasn’t had to make that adjustment yet.”