Florida Tile continues its outreach to the commercial tile marketplace, including architects, designers, dealers and contractors needing exacting specification information, by offering CSPECS software and planning service free.

Sean Cilona, Marketing Director says, “Florida Tile recognizes the daunting task that building product specifiers face on every project, from finding the right product and collecting technical information, to incorporating that information into the final specification. Rather than jump from one internet site to another or try to coordinate with multiple sales representatives, there is a solution offered by Florida Tile. And it’s free. It’s called CSPECS which has built a link between specifiers and building products manufacturers.”

“Florida Tile offers CSPECS as a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver the right information about products to all the members of the construction project process, thus saving time and money and avoiding costly mistakes and omissions,” Cilona explains.

For example, he says, a user can quickly get all the product features, benefits and specifications for glazed, porcelain or High Definition Porcelain - HDP products, then in incorporate that in to a major spec document for proposals and contracts.

According to Cilona, “Through CSPECS proprietary software system, specifiers can easily navigate to the products they want, create an instant 3-part spec document, then submit the entire package in a single file. CSPECS pulls information from building manufacturers websites and other locations and puts them into one easy to use single platform.”

Users can log on to the Florida Tile website, www.floridatile.com and find CSPECS Spec Suite System, product navigation tool, CSPECS Spec Builder to create a 3-part specification document and CSPECS Submittal Builder System which create a total specification package in a single file. Simply log onto the Florida Tile site and follow the link to the Spec Suite system.