“All three ARDEX moisture remediation systems, MC RAPID, MC PLUS and MC ULTRA, have a moisture perm rating of 0.1 or less according to ASTM E 96,” said Bruce Newbrough, ARDEX Americas Director of Application and Development.  He added “All three ARDEX MC Systems are also now rated for 100% RH (no standing water).” Consistent with ASTM changes in the industry, ARDEX MC product performance levels mirror the ASTM requirement for the vapor retarder below the slab.

”These higher standards instill an even greater level of confidence in ARDEX products and systems,” said Stephan M. Liozu, ARDEX Americas President and CEO. “Such a quantifiable measure of performance raises the bar for a new industry benchmark in moisture remediation. Combined with exceptional warranty coverage, ARDEX products are clearly the best choice for installation success.”

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