At the 19th CFI Convention in Nashville on August 9, 2012, the first annual Chris Davis Award was presented to Bernie Madden, owner of Madden-McFarland Interiors, LTD of Leawood, KS for recognition and dedication to quality flooring installation through CFI. 

To qualify for the award the individual must display the attributes of D. Christopher Davis, deceased President and CEO of the World Floor Covering Association.  The individual must possess the ability and willingness to work with the flooring industry to build a stronger foundation between all partners.  The person must also display the characteristics of leadership to achieve goals that are directly related to the advancement of quality flooring installation. 

The award in honor of D. Christopher Davis, who passed away in 2012, signifies the leadership that he brought to the flooring industry, leaving it more recognized and more respected because of his contributions. It is also in appreciation of the support he personally provided for CFI.  As stated by an industry professional, "Though he never made, designed, distributed, sold or installed flooring, Davis will be remembered as one of the industry's nobles. He fought for and succeeded in raising the standards by which flooring is viewed. And in doing so, he leaves behind a legacy that many individuals will benefit from for generations."

The recipient, William B. (Bernie) Madden joined the home furnishings and floor covering industries in 1969, when he went to work for Gene E. McFarland, Ltd.  He mentored under the guidance of Mr. McFarland and developed a true passion for the industry. 

Using the knowledge of sales and service he gained through extensive training from the William Volker Company in Kansas City, Bernie possessed the tools he needed to launch a successful career serving the needs of some of Kansas City's most discriminating clients.

In 1975, he purchased the business from Mr. McFarland, along with a new showroom location in the southern suburbs of Leawood, Kansas.  He renamed the business Madden-McFarland Interiors, Ltd.   Leawood continued to develop over the next 30 years, and would prove to be one of Kansas City's most prestigious addresses. 

He now employs a professional staff of interior designers, office and warehouse personnel and a second generation of partners with his children, Patrick, Mary, Paul, and Denise Madden.

Bernie is considered an Interiors Icon in Kansas City, having earned the impeccable reputation as one of the very finest professionals in the industry.  He is beloved by all who have met him for his charm, his honesty and his commitment to his trade.  He is as respectful to his clients and his employees as he is to all flooring installers who serve his trade so skillfully.  They all consider him a true gentleman and a friend.

Bernie is a 1989 founding member of the original CFI Chapter in Kansas City, Missouri and a charter member of the International CFI founded in 1993. He has been the emcee at every CFI Convention proclaiming that retailers and flooring installers must develop partnerships to achieve the ultimate goal; customer satisfaction.

CFI is honored to award the prestigious 2012 Chris Davis Award to Bernie Madden.