Innovation and ergonomic design are showcased in the Bosch brand's newest tool releases - the PLH181K Planer and the FNS138-23 Gauge Pin Nailer. Both products will enhance a wide variety of finishing work applications for woodworking professionals and deliver best-in-class performance.

The FNS138-23 features signature Bosch innovation - Zero-Nail dry fire lockout, a feature created to eliminate blank firing. With this new technology, users know that their work piece is secure, when the gun fires, saving time and increasing productivity. The new Bosch FNS138-23 23-Gauge Pin Nailer's innovative Zero-Nail dry fire lockout technology allows professionals to work quickly and accurately without marring work pieces.

Bosch FNS138-23

Bosch FNS138-23 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

The PLH181K combines an ergonomic design and a high- performance four-pole motor to deliver the lightest weight cordless planer in its class without sacrificing any tool power or performance. The new Bosch PLH181K 18V Lithium-ion HC Planer's rare earth magnets enable woodworkers to add smooth finish to any project quickly and efficiently.

Bosch PLH181k

Bosh PLH181k 18V Lithium-ion HC Planer