LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, manufacturer of the self-leveling SUPERCAP System, has announced that DAC SUPERCAP, LLC, a newly formed division of David Allen Company, will be its newest regional applicator. Harry Baulch, a construction veteran with a strong General Contractor background will be directing the new organization.

He stated, "We looked very closely at the SUPERCAP System before assessing that it was a good investment. Clearly, it offers superior problem-solving performance. Over the years, we've seen a parade of nightmares relative to moisture mitigation and the usage of curing compounds on concrete slabs. The SUPERCAP System will resolve most of the problems inherent with concrete construction and eliminate the need for other products that compound these issues.  We are excited to be introducing the SUPERCAP System to the Southeast and believe that the product, and the pump truck delivery system, will change many of the fundamental practices of concrete construction in our region of responsibility.”   

David Allen Company, one of the nation's leading tile, stone and terrazzo contractors for nearly a century, "made a sound business decision when establishing DAC SUPERCAP," said Brad Fulkerson, Managing Director of LATICRETE SUPERCAP. "For decades, our parent firm, LATICRETE, has been supplying David Allen Company with its tile and stone installation systems. As a result, there is an ongoing, high degree of trust between the two companies. The established confidence in each other, and also because of the strong relationships David Allen Company has with GCs throughout the Southeast, make DAC SUPERCAP a company we feel will be a perfect partner.”

"In particular," Fulkerson continued, "few people understand the importance of having a perfectly flat, deflection-free concrete slab prior to the installation of finished floor covering better than the professional installers at David Allen Company. Now by having a LATICRETE SUPERCAP applicator as a sister company, they will in many future instances have the comfort of knowing the concrete slabs they will be installing floor covering upon… will be in the best possible condition to do so."

LATICRETE SUPERCAP offers "The Next Generation Slab," a cutting-edge, high technology process which combines the power of the state-of-the-art, patented "Pump Truck" with the next generation of self-leveling materials. The “Pump Truck” is a computer-controlled, mobile blending unit (MBU) that ensures perfect concrete mixing every time. Once mixed, formulas are pumped directly onto prepared sub-floors through a controlled high-rate piping and hose system. “The Pump Truck can continuously deliver up to 15 tons of material per hour to all kinds of buildings, even high-rises located in congested areas as tall as 50 stories, covering up to 50,000 square feet per day," added John Sacco, Director of Business Development for LATICRETE SUPERCAP.

Robert Roberson, Chairman/CEO of David Allen Company summed it all up by stating, "I am excited about David Allen Company's partnership with LATICRETE SUPERCAP. I believe this great new technology will enhance the appearance and performance of all floor covering products and bring significant value to building owners."