The National Wood Flooring Association has announced that Fortifiber Building Systems Group is the first manufacturer to be approved under the NWFA Accepted Product Seal program. 

“Fortifiber has always been a supporter of NWFA’s mission, and we see this program as a logical extension," said Chris Yount, Fortifiber president.  "Today’s marketplace can be confusing for installers with little credible information about which products will perform.  We believe the NWFA Accepted Product Seal is an excellent way for customers to identify the products and manufacturers who are committed to delivering the quality they deserve.”

The NWFA Accepted Product Seal program identifies wood flooring products that meet or exceed established industry standards. Fortifiber has earned the seal under the category of moisture inhibitors for wood subfloors.

“NWFA congratulates Fortifiber on taking a leadership role to become the first manufacturer to achieve the NWFA Accepted Product Seal designation,” said Michael Martin, NWFA President and CEO.  “The Accepted Product Seal program is designed to provide an immediate way for the industry to recognize companies that are committed to quality manufacturing, as well as to raising the bar by creating an industry benchmark of achievement.”

To gain approval for the Accepted Product Seal, Fortifiber submitted its product line testing to ensure it conforms to established third-party testing specifically for moisture inhibitors. The product line will be retested and re-documented annually to ensure the standards are continually met.

"Fortifiber is committed to producing quality Vapor Retarder Membranes that meet or exceed industry standards," said Roger Barker, Fortifiber market manager.  "We produce superior, high quality products and are pleased to have a chance to prove it.  The NWFA ACCEPTED Product Seal Program assures floor installers that they can trust our Class II Aquabar 'B' and Class III HWD-15 and Seekure Vapor Retarder membranes."

The NWFA Accepted Product Seal can be applied to wood flooring abrasives, factory finished engineered wood flooring, finishes, stains, and sealers, moisture inhibitors for wood subfloors, and factory finished solid wood flooring. To earn the seal, a manufacturer's product line must meet a unique set of criteria, available at 

NWFA also offers an Accepted Eco Product Seal, which identifies finishes, stains and sealers that meet or exceed defined eco-friendly standards.