The Virtual Builders Exchange, LLC and The Construction Reporter, LLC today announced a new initiative to expand services to the construction industry in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. According to VBX Chief Executive Officer Michael T. Tollette, the two organizations will partner to promote My PlanSource, a new online bid facilitation service that combines traditional Plan Room services with enhanced features for general contractors, design professionals and project owners.

 “Both organizations have worked hard to build a reputation for providing accurate and timely bidding information,” said Tollette.  “This alliance will allow our subscribers to access bidding information on a regional basis without having to join two different services.”  According to Sid Hamilton, Owner and Managing Partner of Construction Reporter, the decision to join forces was an easy one.  “We have members who need information about projects in Texas and VBX has members who need information about projects in New Mexico,” said Hamilton.  “It made sense to give these companies a way to access information in both states without having to pay twice.  The added bonus is that our organization and VBX have the same philosophy about quality and member service.”

In addition to expanding the geographical reach for both services, the new joint product provides a robust technological platform for construction professionals who need to manage the bid process privately.  “We used the technological expertise that we gathered over two decades to develop a service that is cost efficient and versatile enough to manage the construction bid process from start to finish,” said Tollette.  “We’re excited to bring it to the construction community together.”

Founded in 1900, VBX is a full-service online construction news service supplying detailed information about construction opportunities from the design phase through contract award. Collectively, VBX represents over 5,000 construction businesses in Texas.

The Construction Reporter is the premier reporting service in New Mexico.  Established in 1949, the organization covers public and private commercial construction activity in New Mexico and parts of the surrounding states on behalf of nearly 2,000 subscribers.