Gerflor, a  manufacture of multipurpose resilient sports flooring, recently announced its Taraflex Dry-Tex System is proven to withstand 98% relative humidity (RH) when installed over a moisture-rich subfloor. Originally launched in 2009 with a 92% RH guarantee, the unique combination of Taraflex’s backing used in conjunction with Gerpur adhesive actually make the bond between the floor and subfloor even stronger when moisture is present.

"When we selected Gerflor's Taraflex Dry-Tex flooring system for our New Century Fieldhouse, we expected it to meet our strict standards of high performance, safety and moisture mitigation,” says Jill Geller, Superintendent of Recreation for the Johnson County Park & Recreation District. “It was crucial that the flooring we chose for the courts and multipurpose room in the new facility be capable of meeting the demands of heavy foot traffic and sports play. Now that the fieldhouse is open and has become one of the premier indoor sports and multi-use facilities in the greater Kansas City area, we haven’t been disappointed. Gerflor’s sports flooring compliments the overall look and feel of the building, and helps provide year-round indoor comfort from literally the ground up."

“With Dry-Tex, we can install Taraflex over a high moisture subfloor and not have to worry about sacrificing the quality or performance of the floor,” says Steve Frailey of Specialty Flooring. “It also reduces the wait time between delivery and installation so our customers’ facilities don’t experience a lot
of down time. This is especially important with gymnasiums or multipurpose rooms where event or game attendance can translate to increased facility revenue.”

“One and half million square feet of Taraflex Dry-Tex system has been installed without failure,” says Gerflor USA General Manager Ken Chmura. This statistic proves it is an excellent single source solution, which provides contractors and facility managers the confidence to install it in gyms and multipurpose areas. Recent studies by the flooring industry support the claim that high moisture, combined with inadequate subfloor preparation, is the number one problem facing commercial building contractors. With Dry-Tex, moisture problems can be circumvented to ultimately save time and money.