HENRY Adhesives announced significant enhancements to their adhesive line. 

“HENRY 420 Clear VCT Floor Adhesive joins HENRY 622,430 and 640 as a high-moisture adhesive,” said Michael Crouch, ARDEX Americas Chief Marketing Officer.  He added “All four adhesives are approved for use over concrete substrates with a maximum RH of 90% and a maximum pH of 11.”  

All other HENRY adhesives are now approved for use over concrete substrates with maximum RH of 85% (ASTM F2170) and a maximum pH of 10 up from previously published maximums of 75% RH and pH of 9.

”These higher standards instill an even greater level of confidence in HENRY Adhesives,” said Stephan M. Liozu, ARDEX Americas President and CEO. “Such a quantifiable measure of performance raises the bar for a new industry benchmark in high-moisture adhesives.”

For additional questions, please contact the ARDEX Technical Department at (888) 512-7339 or visit www.ardexamericas.com for complete product information.