The traditional jig saw blade profile is turned on its ear by the 10-inch length of new Bosch Precision Line jig saw blades. Built for precision cuts in wood, hardwood and light metals, these blades apply an aggressive "extra-clean" tooth pattern to turn out great cuts in thick, tough materials - non-traditional applications where the superior control of the jig saw can offer efficiency and greater accuracy.

Bosch Precision Line blades are designed to cut through extra thick materials used in deck building and sandwich materials used in general construction. Typical applications include straight cuts, notching and work-arounds.

The 10-inch blade length of Bosch Precision Line jig saw blades aide quick, aggressive cuts because debris is removed quicker from the work piece. The blades have an extra-thick kerf design and are made with high-carbon steel to ensure strength in wood cuts or bi-metal construction to withstand heat in cutting harder materials. The Bosch Precision Line includes two high-carbon blades that cut wood and a bi-metal blade to cut hardwood. A fourth bi-metal blade can also cut light metals.

"Jig saws provide more controlled cutting when you need it," said Ken Osberg, group product manager, accessories for jig saw, recip and oscillating tool blades, plus hole saws. "When you need to get in and make tight cuts, the jig saw is the way to go. And our new Precision Line jig saw blades offer a new, better-quality way to make these tight, many times difficult, cuts in thicker, tougher material."

Bosch Precision Line jig saw blades employ a T-shank design, which offers a stronger connection in the tool and provides more efficient power transmission versus U-shank blades.

Bosch Precision Line jig saw blades are available now at distributors and home centers. To learn more or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.