H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. launched its latest innovation, TEC POWER GROUT  RTU, Ready to Use Ultimate Performance Premixed Grout, which has many of the benefits of epoxy and urethane grouts without the installation challenges.

In one easy-to-use premixed version, POWER GROUT RTU grout’s innovative formulation yields high chemical, UV and stain resistance and strong, color-consistent joints. Its rapid cure allows water exposure within three days—with full water submersion within seven days. The product can be installed in saunas and steam rooms and within submerged areas like swimming pools and fountains.

Unlike other premixed grouts, POWER GROUT RTU grout looks and feels like cement grout, plus is easy to apply and clean off the tile surface during installation.  POWER GROUT RTU grout uniquely meets the need for fast curing, high performance results with a one-part, premixed, easy to use formulation.  

Offered in eight colors, POWER GROUT RTU grout may be used in indoor and outdoor grout tile joints ranging from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch. POWER GROUT RTU grout is available for heavy commercial and residential use. It is exclusively sold at select Lowe’s home improvement stores across the U.S.