TEC brand has announced the availability of its new Multi-Powered Wood Flooring Adhesive, developed specifically for contractors who install wood flooring. The product is the first-of-its-kind, combining maximum performance with installer-friendly benefits, to deliver a better solution for glue-down applications. 

TEC Multi-Powered Wood Flooring Adhesive delivers 1-step moisture control, strong initial grab, sound deadening and crack bridging capabilities in an installer-friendly formula that’s easy to apply and clean off the face of the flooring.

Combining the best qualities of modified silicone and urethane adhesives, TEC Multi-Powered Wood Flooring Adhesive provides superior grab that minimizes hollow spots while remaining very easy to trowel and clean up. The end result is a product that offers superior working characteristics and decreased installation time. In addition, the product has low odor and low VOCs to contribute to LEED certification.

“Our new wood flooring adhesive is a great example of a product innovation that was driven by listening to installers’ needs for high performance and ease of use,” says Grant Huffine, Senior Market Manager for H.B. Fuller Construction Products. “We responded by developing this ‘best of both worlds’ product that solves common installation problems inherent in traditional technologies.”

TEC Multi-Powered Wood Flooring Adhesive can be installed over concrete with 75-90% relative humidity, with no need for a separate moisture vapor barrier. It is designed to hold wood in place without shifting, yet cleans off easily. With an extended open time up to 120 minutes, it also creates less waste from product skinning.

For more information about TEC brand’s new Multi-Powered Wood Flooring Adhesive, visit http://www.tecspecialty.com/products/flooring-adhesives/wood-flooring-adhesive/MS-WOOD-ADHESIVE.html.