Enviro-Solutions, a manufacturer of Green cleaning products announces the beginning of an ongoing feature on its Facebook site called “Ask Mike…About Green Cleaning.”

The idea for the new feature came about as a result of questions posted on another social media site the company runs—Enviro-Solutions and Customers, which is a members-only site on LinkedIn.

“We found we were receiving quite a few questions about Green cleaning,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions.  “Because of this, we decided to open this up to more people and put it on Facebook.”

One of the most common questions that Sawchuk thought was answered several years ago continues to be: does going Green mean sacrificing cleanliness? 

“This question is usually asked by facility managers,” says Sawchuk. “And while I can understand their concerns, as we in the industry know, many Green cleaning products are now as good as, if not better than their conventional counterparts.”

Other questions that come up regularly according to Sawchuk, deal with Green cleaning and health, bio-cleaners especially bio-enzymatic cleaners, alternatives to traditional disinfectants, and “greening” floor care. 

“We have been getting a lot of questions lately related to protecting the health of building users,” says Sawchuk.  “Possibly this is because of the approaching winter or maybe managers are just more concerned about this.”

New questions and answers will be added to the Enviro-Solutions Facebook site every Wednesday.  Visitors are encouraged to post questions directly to the site. 

“And, ask whatever you want as long as it pertains to Green cleaning,” adds Sawchuk.  “We have found that if one person asks a question, there are usually about ten other people who were wondering the same thing.”