The National Wood Flooring Association announced the relaunch of its member web site,  This web site serves as a one-stop resource for wood flooring professionals regarding the benefits, programs, products, and services available to NWFA members.

The web site features improved functionality and navigation, allowing site visitors to quickly and easily locate the information they seek.  NWFA members have access to special areas of the site though which they will receive discounts on NWFA products and event registrations. 

One of the main feature of the new web site is the ability for NWFA member companies to manage their company profiles with the NWFA.  Additionally, employees within the companies also have profiles through which they can manage their event registrations, degree credits, certifications, and much more.  These community features will engage NWFA members, deliver better member service, and allow for enhanced business interactions between NWFA and its stakeholders. 

Along with the web site, the NWFA has implemented a new association management system, which makes these real-time online connections with members possible.

The web site is powered by UniDev and The Net Impact, the preferred web provider of the NWFA.