GreenWaste Recovery and its sister company Zanker Road Resource Management specialize in transforming society's discards back into valuable resources to make new products. GreenWaste's material recovery facility in San Jose, CA is renowned for its ability to separate and process recyclable materials, garbage, food waste and construction and demolition debris with unparalleled recycling rates. They are now pleased to announce the newest member of the GreenWaste family of companies, GreenWaste Carpet Recycling.

Launched in 2012, GreenWaste Carpet Recycling has quickly developed ties with many local carpet vendors and established four carpet collection centers in Northern California, including three in San Jose and one in Sacramento. GreenWaste's collection centers accept every type of commercial and residential carpeting, carpet tiles and carpet padding. The company also provides collection trailers at retail carpet stores and carpet installers' warehouses.

GreenWaste Carpet Recycling has established an exclusive relationship for Northern California with The Carpet Recyclers, a carpet processor based in La Mirada, CA. The Carpet Recyclers operate a first-of-its-kind carpet processing facility that separates and recovers every component of residential nylon carpet. As the recovered material is used in lieu of virgin material, The Carpet Recyclers, in its second year of operations, has saved over 10 million gallons of oil and has a greenhouse gas reduction equivalence of keeping approximately 45.7 million automobile miles off the road, annually.

The Carpet Recyclers was named the 2012 national "Recycler of the Year" by Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), the product stewardship association of the carpet industry. GreenWaste Carpet Recovery is a member of the CARE "Certified Collector" program.

Michael Gross, the Director of Sustainability for GreenWaste Recovery, states, "As pioneers in the recycling industry since 1991, we are excited to add carpet recycling as a service to continue to maximize diversion from landfills." Mr. Gross added, "We're especially pleased with our partnership with The Carpet Recyclers as the harvested material from the carpet we collect for them is used in plastic auto parts and carpet tile for their customers who are committed to recycle this material again and again for future generations."

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