Material melting is never a good thing, but it's particularly troublesome when the application involved is plastics. Bosch Plastic Range jig saw blades are the industry's first offering dedicated to delivering precision cuts in a variety of plastic and polymer materials, and without the melting issues created when conventional jig saw blades are used to cut plastics.

New Bosch Plastic Range jig saw blades, branded Clean for PVC, Clean for Plexiglas, Clean for Polypropylene and Clean for Carbon Fiber, match the right technology to the right materials for smooth cutting through these materials. While use of other blades for precise cuts in plastics can cause chipping and breaking, Bosch plastic-cutting blades are engineered to reduce breakage and the need for deburring. And Bosch Plastic Range jig saw blades allow users to get into much tighter spaces with improved control versus using a reciprocating saw for the same job.

One of the biggest issues professionals come up against when cutting plastics is heat. Conventional blades heat up, eventually melting the plastic around the blade. Bosch Plastic Range blades have a special relief in the teeth that shifts heat away from the blade and keeps the plastic around it cool, reducing messy cuts.

Additionally, Plastic Range jig saw blades rely on the industry-standard T-shank design invented by Bosch. The T-shank provides superior power transfer, reduced breakage and maximum cutting force versus other shank systems. The T-shank design fits all T-shank and universal jig saws available today and most older U-shank tools. Blades are color coded by application to make it easier to select the right blade for the job.

"This is an entirely new market for jig saw blades," said Ken Osberg, group product manager, accessories for jig saw, recip and oscillating tool blades, plus hole saws. "Plastics require an entirely different geometry and material composition from wood or metal to deliver a superior result. I believe that Bosch is the only company in the industry with the technical know-how to deliver a product that cuts advanced plastics so well."

Bosch Plastic Range jig saw blades are available now at distributors and home centers. To learn more or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.