LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, announced its new applicator Intertech Commercial Flooring based in the Texas marketplace.

"Intertech’s reputation and expertise fit very well with our vision and our system," stated John Sacco, LATICRETE SUPERCAP Managing Director.

Intertech Flooring is a leading provider of commercial flooring products and services throughout Texas and the Southwest. The company provides material and installation of all categories of floor covering as well as professional design & specification, maintenance programs, asbestos renovation, and modular wiring and under-floor HVAC delivery systems. The company was founded in 1988 by current President, Bill Imhoff, who added, "LATICRETE SUPERCAP reached out to us right after we had formed our new division, 'Concrete Analysis and Solutions,' which proactively addresses various concrete issues including floor flatness and moisture.”

"In particular," continued Imhoff, "LATICRETE SUPERCAP completely helped us see the profound differences in concrete finishing between Division 3 and Division 9. Clearly, the process it offers is a game-changer. We've known the parent company, LATICRETE, for years and are very comfortable growing our business with these highly professional, progressive people.