National Wood Flooring Association manufacturer member, Somerset Wood Products in Somerset, Kentucky, has recently revised its installation guidelines to include a recommendation to use NWFA Certified Professionals when installing its wood flooring products. Additional NWFA manufacturer members will also be making the change while others are currently reviewing their installation guidelines and considering adding the same recommendation.

Roy Reichow, NWFA Certified Professionals Board member, states that the reason for this recommendation is strictly a business decision to provide consumers better product performance.  “The popularity of wood flooring has grown considerably during the past few decades, but like so many other industries during the past few years, our industry has experienced a decline in sales while enduring a rise in complaints. This is fairly normal during periods of economic stress when consumers are attempting to get the most value out of their discretionary spending dollars. This program offers manufacturers an opportunity to minimize claims by ensuring their products are installed by certified professionals.”

Reichow reports that the number of NWFACP certified professionals has risen by 288% in the past five years, and that demand for certified professionals is growing as consumers expect superior service.

NWFA Certified Professionals offers multiple training programs that benefit flooring performance and reduce  claims.  These include:

·   Sales

·   Installation

·   Sand & Finish

These certification programs are designed to dramatically increase professionalism within the wood flooring industry. Achieving certification includes written testing for knowledge of industry standards and guidelines. Demonstration of hands-on skills is also required. Continuing education credits are required annually to ensure continued proficiency.

For more information about this program, visit, or contact NWFACP at 636-728-1922.  You also can reach NWFACP toll free at 866-418-5408 in the USA and Canada.