Unilin and Välinge have announced that they will cooperate on the holographic L2C label program, which was introduced at Domotex Shanghai 2012 and has already been implemented by several manufacturers. The L2C label program, which stands for “license to clic”, was introduced to support the interest of licensed companies and the companies doing business in products manufactured by these companies.

Unilin and Välinge received many complaints from licensed manufacturers, importers, and distributors that certain manufacturers of licensed products did not comply with the contractual obligations of its license contracts.  These non-complying manufacturers seriously damaged the competitiveness of the manufacturers of the companies that were honoring their contractual commitments.  In order to stop this unfair competition and prevent patent infringements, it was decided to introduce this numerically controlled identification label program, by which certain manufacturers of licensed products are asked to attach a unique numbered holographic label to its boxes of licensed products.  The license agreements with those manufacturers have been amended in such a way that products without labels will be considered as unlicensed products. Importers and distributors doing business in those unlabeled products can then also be found to infringe the specific patent rights of Unilin and/or Välinge.  

Unilin and Välinge will cooperate with custom organizations worldwide and with market research companies to block these unlabeled alleged infringing products and to claim damages from the companies doing business in them.

For more information on the holographic label program and for information on which licensed companies are obligated to attach such holographic labels on their boxes, please contact:
    Unilin:  Bart Van der Stockt at uniclic.legal@unilin.com
    Välinge:  Marcus Palm at marcus.palm@valinge.se