Covalt Floor Leveling, Inc.,  believes that at just the right time it has found just the right person to bolster the marketing division efforts for 2013. President Martin Covalt announced the company had hired Melissa Keen this November to be the new “Marketing Communications Specialists.” Covalt went on to say that his prior working experiences with Keen in the promotional world made the decision an ‘easy’ one, and how perfectly things just “fell into place” for both sides.

In her role at Covalt Floor Leveling, Keen’s core objective will be focused on maintaining the company’s many relationships with long-time, loyal customers of all kinds. They all benefit from understanding that all successful flooring installations need flat, level subfloors before any porcelain tile, hardwood, or carpet gets installed. The concrete floor leveling specialists and leading concrete repair contractor in Orange County for over 30 years, will count on Keen to handle Covalt’s promotional activities, including its many trade show demonstrations and other industry events throughout the year.   

“I was impressed very early with the whole vibe at Covalt,” says Keen. “One of the first things I thought was how great a job they have done being able to operate and manage the business, but at the same time still find a way to remain one-step ahead of the competition for so long.

“The whole staff seems involved and excited about what the future might bring them. Covalt Floor Leveling has not just been the leader in concrete floor leveling, but in also in the building of awareness for the need, the essential need, of having level, smooth, subfloors to work with when installing any floorcovering type. We still know who we are. But we’re just as confident that we’ll continue to see the surface-style enjoy strong growth again in 2013, with some interesting new options being uncovered for beautiful, polished concrete floors again this year in both the residential and commercial sector,” Keen said.

In recent years, concrete floor design has also improved with use of polished microtoppings and color-infused pigments. The modernized-version of concrete flooring is now looked at through the eyes of architects, designers and specification teams much differently. For all the same reasons, polished concrete floors have become even stronger and more popular with homeowners. The stylish, high-performance and easy to maintain flooring option has become more desirable, and more acceptable in many new specs that did not exist 10 years ago. For Covalt Floor Leveling all signs point to another successful year out in sunny Southern California as the concrete floors category continues to grow, and since flat, level subfloors never go out of style.

Keen, 26, couldn’t officially step into her new role with Covalt Floor Leveling until November 15, after finalizing the millions of details involved in her permanent relocation from Los Angeles much further south in Orange County. Keen held a similar position in public relations during her time in LA.