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Mohawk’s Tom Lape on Installation & S600

Tom Lape, Mohawk president of residential & commercial carpet business, looks at some of the historical problems in the carpet installation sector and the new S600 Installation Standard, including the rationale for developing the standard.

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Part 3:


Did You Hear?

Lew Migliore and the Case of the Cut Down Tiles

Lew Migliore discusses a situation he was called out on involving carpet tile in a commercial setting where the problem was traced back to an installer who had trimmed the edges of carpet tiles before they were installed.


Lew Migliore, The Industry’s Trouble Shooter, and the Case of the Poorly Adhered Library Carpet

Lew Migliore, the Industry’s Troubleshooter and president, LGM Technical Flooring Services, discusses a problem that took place in a library involving carpet that began coming up after a few years of service.

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