Pergo LLC, along with its affiliate, Pergo (Europe) AB, recently announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Framerica Corporation of Yaphank, New York.  

The agreement grants Framerica the right to manufacture and sell laminate molding products under Pergo's extensive patent portfolio that includes laminate moldings and methods of production. These patents, dating back to 1994, essentially cover all laminate transition moldings.

In signing the licensing agreement, Framerica has secured protection for its partners and customers with the knowledge that the Framerica products are properly licensed under Pergo's patents.

"We are very proud to add Framerica as one of Pergo’s licensed partners," said Eric Robins, Director of Global Intellectual Properties for Pergo.  "Framerica has been producing picture frame and architectural moldings, and other products for more than thirty years, and is now positioned to leverage Pergo's extensive patents that cover laminate molding products.  This agreement additionally gives Framerica the ability to secure additional license rights under Unilin’s broad portfolio once the Mohawk/Unilin acquisition of Pergo is complete."