Quick Drain USA, was recently the first-place winner of the 2012 Healthcare Design Product Pavilion People's Choice Award. This is the second straight year Quick Drain USA has received the honor. Attendees were asked to speak up on which one of the innovative design products featured in the show floor's Product Pavilion they thought was the best, and this year Quick Drain’s ProLine Linear Shower Drain was the product that stood out.

“Our system is the only one that can be installed on an existing floor without recessing the whole shower pan into the floor, which is the biggest expense in accessible shower installations,” said Josef Erlebach, Vice-President of Quick Drain USA. “Our system is the only one that achieves zero entry without recessing the shower pan into the subfloor.”

The product had a wealth of features that illustrate why people voted it the winner. The only stainless steel drain on the market, this fully sloped trough from the long ends all the way to the waste outlet allows for complete evacuation of all the water that enters the trough. The ProLine drain has a slim design with 1.5" width, the least allowed by plumbing codes.  Waterproofing for ease of installation comes with pre-sloped panel QuickSlope for speed and consistency of installation. “We also offer technical drawings and support since we are the only company that actually can recommend a perfect installation for ADA showers,” said Erlebach.  All these features allow for faster, better, more consistent installation that saves a lot of money to every facility that installs the system.