National Applied Construction (NAC) Products, Inc., the company that introduced the industry to ECB and crack isolation membrane technology, is celebrating its 30th year in business in 2013.

Founded in 1983, NAC pioneered the “anti-fracture/crack isolation” membrane in the tile industry as a way to protect decorative floors from failure caused by lateral substrate movement. The popularity of the technology inspired a new category of installation products and led to the development of an ANSI standard for crack isolation membranes – ANSI-A118.12.

“The industry has changed dramatically since ECB anti-fracture membrane revolutionized the way tile is installed on floors with structural issues,” says company founder, President and CEO Tom Duvé. “Today, the wide variety flooring options from glass and large format tile to the various types of stone continue to push the need for crack isolation membranes with greater flexibility and increased capacities to provide a strong fracture-free floor.”

As NAC reflects on 30 years of success, the company is continuing to innovate with new solutions that address flooring challenges throughout the industry.

“We are proud to achieve 30 years in business and excited about some of the new solutions that we will bring to the industry this year,” says Vice President of Operations Brian Petit. “NAC has been a leading supplier of crack isolation membrane, but we have built a solid portfolio of products that address issues with sound abatement, waterproofing and moisture barrier that out-perform the competition.”

NAC offers a variety of floor protection systems for crack isolation (ECB), sound control (SAM 3 and Super SAM 125) waterproofing (Strataflex sheet and SubSeal liquid membranes) and moisture control over substrates like concrete, wood, tile and backer board among others. NAC also offers companion products such as primer, sealant, tape, hardeners and ready-to-install kits.