ARDEX AMP Automatic Mixing Pumps are now available for purchase in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Made in the USA, the ARDEX AMP100 ad ARDEX AMP 200 pumps are part of the ARDEX ARDIFLO Self-Leveling Underlayment Dispensing System and allow ARDEX products to be installed more efficiently.

The ARDEX AMP offers many of the same unique properties of the current ARDEX S-48 and S-58 technology platforms including a self-contained, all-in-one unit for mixing and pumping pre-blended, cementitious materials. The AMP utilizes a continuous, in-line mixing and rotor stator pumping system which is controlled by variable frequency-drive with an output range of 70-200 bags per hour depending on the use of a standard output model (AMP 100) or high output model (AMP 200).

“ARDEX was the global catalyst, driving the invention of self-leveling underlayments and is recognized as the industry leader of premium, high-performance products,” said Mike Tracy, ARDEX Americas Business Development Manager. “The time and cost savings as a result of the ARDEX AMP pumps will transform self-leveling underlayment installations.”

For more information on ARDEX AMP 100 and ARDEX AMP 200, please visit www.ardexamericas.comor call 1-888-512-7339.