Kevin Klotz, president of Coatings for Industry, a direct-to-contractor supplier of industrial coating products, has learned that giving away floor coatings is much harder than he’d thought.

The industry veteran wants to do his part in the wake of tragedy by supplying coating products to townships or public buildings severely damaged by Super Storm Sandy.  But despite repeated calls to nearly a dozen affected municipalities along the New Jersey shore, as well as Staten Island, N.Y., and several impacted facilities and nonprofit organizations, Coatings for Industry has yet to receive a single response, let alone a request for assistance.

“I can only imagine they’re still a bit shell-shocked by all that they need to do, or were simply too overwhelmed to return a phone call. But it’s perplexing that an offer of free product and labor to apply it would go ignored,” says Klotz. “Nonetheless, we’re still hoping to locate a facility in need.”

Even ads on Craigslist in New York and New Jersey and posts on Twitter have yielded no takers.  Because Coatings for Industry and its network of application contractors only work in the commercial arena, it’s seeking to assist a public or nonprofit institution, such as a school, community center, senior center, city hall, library, museum, or possibly even a boardwalk.

Any municipal administrator, construction manager, purchasing agent or facilities manager that needs to replace flooring as a result of Sandy and is in need of epoxy or urethane primers or sealants, epoxy or urethane topcoats, anti-wear coatings, decorative or anti-slip floor coatings or other industrial coatings can call Coatings for Industry at 215-723-0919 or e-mail