The Floor Inspector's Educational Guild is hosting a ceramic tile educational event on May 3rd and 4th. The event is open to anyone.

In their efforts as a non-profit organization to bring the best in advanced science based flooring education, the Guild is going to offer a unique opportunity. They have acquired the educational services of Mr. Noah Chitty. Mr. Chitty is the former Laboratory Director at the (Ceramic) Tile Council of America (TCA). Mr. Chitty was the laboratory director after graduating with a BS Degree in Ceramic Engineering while continuing his post-graduate studies in Ceramic Engineering from Clemson University.

The tuition will be $175.00. For members of the WFCA, their cost to attend this class is only $87.50 with their matching WFCA scholarship funding.

And for the inspectors, retailers and distributors, they can visit your contacts in Dalton, the nation’s center of all types of flooring manufacturing, to promote their services or businesses.

Special hotel rates obtained for the class’s students and will be emailed to them. The Guild will also be arranging special discounts for groups of students who want to take their “Dalton Contacts” to dinner at area restaurants.

Mr. Chitty will be instructing on the following topics:
* Manufacturing of Ceramic Tile and Ceramic Terms
* Different types of Ceramic Tiles and how to Identify them
* Manufacturing Standards
* How to apply them to each different type of tiles and different installation methods.
* How to interpret the Manufacturing Standards and how to do field measurements of the Standards on tiles.
* Identification of Manufacturing Concerns and Issues by industry standards to educate YOU to improve the industry and help you expand your business increasing your profits.
* Installation Standards
* How to read and apply the many different installation methods and standards for different locations and environments; and which tiles should be specified.

Patches and Self-leveling Compounds and Tiles
* And the last afternoon of the two-day class will be Ardex’s own Mr. Bruce Newbrough who will instruct us on the self-leveling and patching compounds; how to use them and their interaction with concrete moisture issues and tiles.