LATICRETE announced recenlty that LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier has been evaluated and approved by the Air Barrier Association of Americaas an "ABAA Evaluated Material" and part of an "ABAA Evaluated Assembly".

LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier is now listed on the ABAA website ( under the air barrier materials section and in the appropriate fluid-applied ABAA air barrier master specification. The ABAA defines an air barrier system as a system of building assemblies within the building enclosure—designed, installed and integrated in such a manner as to stop the uncontrolled flow of air into and out of the building enclosure.

LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier is an active load-bearing component of the LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) and the LATICRETE Building Envelope Systems (BES) which protects buildings against water intrusion and the effects of extreme weather conditions. It has been engineered for installation behind exterior wall claddings, and may be roll, brush or spray-applied. LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier performs as a component of the air barrier assembly when used in conjunction with other LATICRETE Building Envelope Systems. Not only does it produce air and water holdout with vapor permeability, it can improve energy efficiencies and indoor air quality as well.

According to Allen Hunter, Channel Manager LATICRETE Specialty Products Division, "International building codes have undergone changes which impact those products used on a daily basis. LATICRETE is an active member of the ABAA, which evaluates construction materials used in the building envelope. In its assessment of LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier, ABAA noted that it improved a building's air quality while reducing utility costs such as heating and air conditioning as well. Architects and engineers are among the many people turning to the ABAA for professional input, so having our LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier listed as an approved material on that organization's website gives it optimal credibility."

"If there is even a small leak in the building envelope," added Jay Conrod, LATICRETE Product Manager, "moisture can get into the structure and cause a great amount of damage. Heat can escape, as well. LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier offers airtight and vapor-tight performance which leads to enhanced air quality… and energy savings."

Both Hunter and Conrod mentioned that those who visit the Air Barrier Association of America website and click on LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier will subsequently be linked to the LATICRETE website, garnering even more technical information about this high-performing component of the building envelope system.