The Professional Development Center (UT-PDC) at The University of Texas at Austin is proud to announce the launch of the Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) Credential Program. This new training and assessment program provides a complete overview of how to improve our environment and communities through advanced strategy, management and operation of sustainable facilities. The program meets Wednesday evenings from April 17 through August 28 at the Thompson Conference Center on the university's main campus. Registration is now open online at

The SFPCredential Program, which is designed for facility managers or anyone with an interest in "green" building or environmentalism, allows participants to earn the International Facility Management Association's Sustainability Facility Professional credential (IFMA SFP). Earning the SFP demonstrates expertise in sustainable facility management and provides holders with a competitive advantage among other facility managers in your market. Facility or business managers with SFP credentials help boost their organization's economic viability, environmental friendliness and community standing.

"SFP is a marketable credential to present to any prospective employer or client. It encourages the growth and understanding of smart, collaborative sustainability practices, leadership and knowledge and supports the transformation of the built environment," stated program instructor Marni Evans. "If you want to one: benefit as an individual, two: improve value to your employer and facilities, and three: make a difference in the built environment by saving resources and making places better for people, then the SFP credential is for you."

"While there is a temptation to say that this program speaks specifically to Austin and its reputation for nurturing 'green' initiatives, I believe this program is of universal importance," said Liliya Spinazzola, director of the Professional Development Center. "With populations both in Austin and around the world growing every day, we all share the responsibility to find new ways to make our professional settings, buildings and communities more environmentally sound and sustainable. I am very proud to offer the Sustainability Facility Professional Credential Program at The University of Texas at Austin."

To learn more about this program and the topic of sustainability, UT-PDC is also hosting a free informational webinar on March 21 from 2 to 3 p.m. entitled "How Sustainable Buildings are Achieving Major Savings." Marni Evans leads this discussion on how building and facility managers can identify the best opportunities for financial savings. Seats may be reserved at

Register today for the Sustainability Facility Professional Credential Program at: