Bostik, Inc.’s Consumer & Construction Division announced recently the debut of HeatStep Mat and HeatStep Wire floor warming systems. These products are designed to be easily installed and completely safe to the end user, with dual wires to shield against electromagnetic fields and ground fault circuit protection.

As an alternative to traditional forced-air heating systems, HeatStep offers the benefit of being truly silent since there are no vents or ducts. Likewise, there is also no risk of potentially harmful airborne particles being circulated with HeatStep.

“For comfortable, even heat that is very energy efficient, the HeatStep system is a dream come true to architects, building owners and end users — at home or in the office,” said Eric Kurtz, Market Manager, Bostik Hardwood Installation Systems. “Installers will also appreciate how simple HeatStep is to install in almost any type of room, for both new construction and remodeling jobs.”

HeatStep Mats can be rolled out and attached to the subfloor using two-sided tape, then covered with a cementitious layer before the flooring is installed. HeatStep Wire is recommended for larger, more complex room layouts, and is applied by securing cable straps to the subfloor and stretching the HeatStep Wire cable between them before covering with a cementitious layer and flooring. During installation of both products, a wire fault detector will monitor if any wires become accidentally cut or damaged and sound an alarm in time for easy repair before being covered with flooring.

To control HeatStep floor warming systems, Bostik offers programmable and basic thermostat controls with built-in ground fault circuit interrupter protection and energy-saving SmartStart technology. These thermostats can be easily connected to an integral relay to control large floor areas.

All HeatStep Mat and HeatStep Wire products are made in the United States and come with a 10-year limited warranty. For more information about Bostik’s HeatStep flooring system, visit