CCA Global Partners (CCA) has entered into an agreement with Flooring Inspections of Michigan. CCA will offer “The Carpet Book – Claims Guide” and “ to CCA Global Members with discounted pricing. CCA is going to offer these products through their classes, throughout all the flooring divisions and in their online store as well.

According to David Zack, author of The Carpet Book – Claims Guide, and developer of, CCA Global Partners has reviewed the book and website, and determined that the Guide and website will help members better identify and resolve consumer complaints by having detailed descriptions and high resolution photographs of real flooring complaints and defects at their fingertips. 

The Carpet Book – Claims Guide is packed with over 80 pages of the most common consumer complaints. This includes several photos of the issues and a detailed description of the cause or causes of the issue. This includes common issues such as Side-Match, Cornrowing, Roll Crush, Buckling, Bow, Skew, Maintenance issues, High Rows, Odors, Stop Marks and over 70 additional complaints. includes all of the information found in the book and more. Lab testing, minimum industry standards and field testing suggestions are included. Wood, laminate and vinyl claims information are currently being added and will be completed this year. The website also has a powerful inspector search feature with approximately 700 inspectors listed from the U.S. and Canada. When an inspection is needed, simply click into the inspector search button, insert the address of the claim and click search. A list of local Certified Flooring Inspectors is displayed.

The book and website were written and developed with contributions and review of several flooring manufacturers, Inspection trainers, and Professional Testing labs.