Centiva founder Thomas Trissl sent a letter to the company's customers regarding the future of the company. The letter is printed in full:

"March 28, 2013

Customers of Centiva:
The life blood of every company is its customers. Without them, there is no purpose for a company. At Centiva, putting the customer and their needs at the forefront was my major focus. The time of me leaving Centiva is coming near, and I would like to address my farewell to you. There are those of you who bought our products from our start. You have witnessed our amazing changes and growth. Others of you have come to admire and use our products over the years. No matter when you started your journey with Centiva, I hope you feel as I do that you have been associated with a very special company and product. I have always felt that our purpose in the end was beyond floor tile.
I incorporated International Floors of America, Inc. on May 10th, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, I was a fresh immigrant, literally just jumping off the boat from Germany. I had the dream of every immigrant, to make things happen in America. I drove to Florence, Alabama to visit a company that I knew my father used to buy flooring from years ago. With a bit of luck, I got my hands on this company. So the journey of Centiva began.
In only a few years, we built a company, a brand, a team, and most importantly, a product that gained the respect of the entire flooring industry. Yes, there were tough times. For many years, we were a very small player in an industry dominated by much larger organizations. Our smaller size helped us though to develop the intimacy with our clients that separated us from other companies. We felt pride in our custom capabilities, our agility in tough situations, and our knowledge of the changing needs of our customers. We envisioned the future of manufacturing by establishing our plant within the US when most other manufacturers were moving their production overseas. Centiva may be one of the few companies that over its life produced more and more of its product in the US rather than the other way around. Knowing that our customers wanted sustainable products, we developed better production technology with a clear eye toward environmentally responsible operations. I am very proud of all that we accomplished in this area. With products like Magics, Coral Reef, and the Contour Series, I still believe until this day that no one has a more appealing resilient floor tile. Your faith in our products and brand loyalty has proven this, and I sincerely thank you.
I sold Centiva to Tarkett in 2010 and stayed on as president until now. We have created a well run factory and company that continues to grow. Even though I will be gone, I hope the relationships developed over the years will continue and prosper. Leaving this place is very hard for me, but it is time for the next chapter of Centiva - and for myself.
I am not retiring. As you know me, I do have the restless desire to continue creating. I sold the company to allow it to better compete in the commercial flooring industry. The LVT market while growing is becoming more competitive as more and larger players move into this sector. I didn't sell Centiva because I thought it had reached its pinnacle of growth. I sold in order to put myself into a new arena of life where I can tackle other projects inside and outside the flooring industry. After April 1st, I will start developing these new businesses. I am sure that with many of you, our business and personal relationships will continue.
I plan to travel a lot, and may even live part-time elsewhere, though Florence will always be a home for me. My email address is TTrissl@TMTAmerica.com."