A shower niche is an ideal spot to keep shampoos and soaps in a tiled shower. But building a fully waterproof, properly sealed tiled shower niche can be a detailed and time consuming task. Schluter-Systems has developed four prefabricated and completely waterproof shower niches that are ready to tile. Made of Schluter-KERDI-BOARD, the shower niches are completely compatible with surface applied waterproofing systems, such as the Schluter-KERDI and Schluter-KERDI-BOARD shower assemblies.

All four shower niches feature a ½” (12.5 mm)-thick by 2” (50 mm)-wide integrated bonding flange that sits perfectly flush with the surrounding wall area. The larger sizes include an optional prefabricated shelf that can be installed at any height to create separate compartments within the shower niche.

The preformed shower niche provides installers with increased speed during installation, combined with complete waterproofing dependability. The corners of a traditional shower niche are the most challenging area to waterproof and can be very susceptible to standing water and mold growth.  With pre-sealed niche corners this challenge is completely eliminated. 

The niche complements an already wide array of preformed shower components available from Schluter-Systems, including shower trays, curbs, ramps, and benches. All of these components help installers build waterproof and vapor tight tiled showers more quickly and effectively than with traditional construction materials.

The shower niche is available in four different sizes: 12” x 6” (305 mm x 152 mm), 12” x 12” (305 mm x 305 mm), 12” x 20” (305 mm x 508 mm), and 12” x 28” (305 mm x 711 mm).