The award-winning iBorescope (DCiS1) from General Tools & Instruments (General) is the first video inspection system of its kind available in North America. Using the instrument’s Wi-Fi hotspot capability and a free app, professionals and DIYers can instantly and wirelessly view and save high-definition inspection video and images on any iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

The new iBorescope has countless construction/remodeling, home inspection and DIY applications (not to mention applications in HVACR, plumbing, automotive and other industries). It empowers users to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas—behind walls; under objects; inside machinery, appliances, drains, pipes and ducts; under the hood and much more—without the need for disassembly or teardown. Regularly priced at $299, the iBorescope offers an economical way to detect and diagnose problems, and arms users with powerful evidence of their findings. Special pricing of $199 through July 1, 2013 makes it more cost-effective than ever.

The iBorescope generates an ad hoc Wi-Fi hotspot (i.e., without Internet access), which allows the instrument to communicate wirelessly with an app-enabled Apple or Android mobile device. Its standard 9.8mm (0.39 in.) diameter, 1.83m (6 ft.) long flexible-obedient camera-tipped probe streams high-definition VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixel) video to the device, where it can be viewed live or saved and played back later. The camera has an outstanding depth of field of 1/2 in. to 12 in. (12.7mm to 305mm) and a 54-degree field of view. A thumbwheel on the pistol grip makes it easy to adjust the brightness of two white LEDs at the probe tip. Three handy probe tip accessories—a pickup hook, a 45-degree mirror, and a magnetic pickup—aid inspection and retrieval. The unit’s Li-ion battery charges via the included USB cable, which is compatible with mobile device power adapters and all computers. The instrument and the accessories are packaged together in a custom molded hard plastic case for ultimate portability and durability. A longer 2.7m (105 in.) probe is available as a separate option.

See General’s New & Improved iBorescope (DCiS1) at Booth 6240 at NHS 2013, May 7 - 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The instrument will be on display and available for order.