UFLOOR Systems Inc. announced recently the repositioning of the Pallmann brand to better meet the needs of the professional hardwood flooring contractor. Pallmann Hardwood Complete will be highlighted at this week's NWFA Wood Floor Expo 2013 in Dalla, TX. "Hardwood Complete is just what the names implies," says Matthias Liebert, President of UFLOOR Systems; "it is complete systems for wood floor installations. We are not just a finish company, and so we wanted to integrate the other aspects of our product offering from our Uzin brand of subfloor preparation products and adhesives into the Pallmann brand and intentionally focus our efforts on what today's hardwood flooring contractor is faced with on jobsites."

"Moisture mitigation, subfloor leveling and other subfloor preparation requirements are becoming more a part of a wood flooring contractor's life than ever before," says Liebert. He also mentions that these products are fully compatible with each other but that the other important aspect is having a single point of contact for technical support directly from the manufacturer. The range of products includes moisture vapor retarders and primers, leveling compounds, adhesives, sanders and other installation tools, finishes and care & maintenance products. The company also states that the packaging sizes were created to be in line with a typical size hardwood flooring project which eliminates waste. A new website has been created showcasing these new products at www.pallmann.us.