Resilient flooring such as vinyl composite tile (VCT), found throughout many areas of any health care sdffacility, is traditionally coated with an acrylic floor finish that requires frequent buffing or burnishing to maintain an attractive finish. Today, maintenance staff of resurants and industrial facilities to health care and hotels are converting to DSM UVolve Instant Floor Guard floor because it reduces labor costs and is less expensive to maintain compared to acrylic floor finishes, according to the company.

UVolve Instant Floor Guard is a protective single-coat system applied directly to vinyl composite tiles. It cures instantly via a UV light unit to seal and protect tiles.  Floors are ready for traffic immediately after application. UVolve Instant Floor Guard provides the double benefit of enabling uninterrupted operations, plus the opportunity to significantly reduce ongoing floor maintenance costs.

UVolve provides an attractive, easy-to-clean solution that protects a VCT floor from wear and tear and simplifies any maintenance program. UVolve Instant Floor Guard:

·  Eliminates the need for buffing/burnishing and stripping

·  Is easy to clean

·  Has near-zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions

·  Is solvent-free with low odor

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