SUPERCAP pump truckSUPERCAP ONTARIO LTD. has announced the arrival of its first pump truck, which will allow construction professionals in Ontario to finish new concrete or level existing slabs to the highest standard.

Pioneered by LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, the SUPERCAP Mobile Blending Unit (SMBU) mixes the proprietary engineered self-leveling cement formula at the job site using a computer-controlled on board system. The mix is then delivered from street level to heights of over 50 stories, eliminating the need for hauling unmixed materials into the building. LATICRETE SUPERCAP Applicators easily install the product onto the subfloor at a rate of up to 30,000 pounds per hour, making 50,000 square foot installations possible in a single day, according to the company.

The LATICRETE SUPERCAP SC500 is an advanced self-leveling underlayment. The low-alkali formula offers extremely fast curing times, allowing foot traffic to resume in 2–4 hours.

“The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is changing traditional methods of finishing and capping concrete slabs throughout the world and we are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to Ontario,” says William Loveys, Vice-President of SUPERCAP ONTARIO, the exclusive supplier of the system in the province. “We expect our pump truck to become a regular sight at residential high-rise, retail, office and healthcare construction sites province-wide.”

Ontario is North America’s second-largest commercial, high-rise and industrial flooring market. The launch of the pump truck is particularly timely for Toronto, which leads all North America cities in terms of high-rise buildings under construction. According to a recent City of Toronto report, Toronto has 185 projects underway this year, compared with Mexico City (88) and New York (80).

SUPERCAP ONTARIO has tested the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System in large Toronto construction projects, such as the Aura tower, which is slated to become the tallest residential structure in North America.