Let me be the first to welcome you to the new look of Floor Covering Installer. This redesign reflects months of planning, brainstorming and lots of late-night phone calls between the editorial and art departments. We worked hard to bring you what we feel is the best showcase for our content, and the best representation not only of what FCI offers, but its potential for the future. We hope you agree.

We wanted to promote two big FCI milestones with this move. The first is to make it loud and clear, with neon lights, that we have industry expert Jon Namba on board as our editorial director. I can promote Jon and what he brings to the editorial direction of this magazine from now until next week, but a lot of what we do together is behind-the-scenes stuff, designed to reinvigorate the focus and feel of the magazine from issue to issue. It doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself.

A redesign, on the other hand, demands instant attention. You can place this issue right next to last month’s and immediately see the difference. When Jon came on board earlier this year, one of the first conversations we had was about breaking away from doing things the same way. This redesign is the most visible part of that process, and that promise.

Another major component of the redesign involved looking back through the archives, to see what we’ve done right and where we could improve. That brings me to the second reason we wanted a redesign: In 2014, we will be officially 20 years old.

It’s an important milestone, and something we really want to celebrate. At the same time, the installation industry is the primary focus of our coverage, not us. So rather than put together a huge section in 2014 talking all about us for who knows how many pages, we decided to publish the stories we’ve written, one an issue, from now until the start of 2014. That way, we can share what we know and what we’ve learned, but still give the spotlight to the companies and people that make this industry what it is.

We have one request for our readers: Join the party! We’d love to hear your FCI anecdotes, view your old photos from conventions, share your favorite covers from the early years – basically, anything that got you reading FCI way back when, and keeps you picking those issues up today. Reach me at ChmieleckiM@bnpmedia.com, (603) 791-0215 or via our LinkedIn page – just click on the “Discuss” tab at the top of the FCI website. I’ll see you there.

Above all, thank you for being part of our story for close to two decades. We wouldn’t be here without you.