Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is Välinge's first licensee to use the photocatalytic technology ACTiO2 on hardwood flooring to contribute to a greener and cleaner indoor environment.

Välinge is pleased to announce that Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring launched in November 2013 its new product range, Pure Genius, containing the ACTiO2 technology licensed by Välinge Photocatalytic AB.

When ACTiO2 enhanced floors come in contact with daylight or indoor light, a natural photocatalytic process takes place, breaking down hazardous substances (such as formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds) and unpleasant odors. Floors with ACTiO2 also assist in efficiently degrading bacteria and fungi. 

ACTiO2 increases as well the hydrophilicity of the floor, making dirt easier to remove and helping water spread as a thin and uniform film to avoid streaks on the floor after cleaning. Wood, laminate, resilient or nadura floorings with ACTiO2 therefore become active surfaces, contributing to create a greener and cleaner indoor environment. 

“North American consumers are more and more concerned by the quality of their indoor air and they are looking for a healthier living space. Lauzon's answer to that market need is the new PURE GENIUS, an air purifying smart hardwood floor, that uses ACTiO2 technology”, said Nathalie Lambert, director of marketing at Lauzon. 

Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is a leading and innovative manufacturer of hardwood flooring. Totally integrated from forestry to finished flooring product, Lauzon has several plants and markets its products throughout North America. 

Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge Photocatalytic AB stated, " In a near future, using ACTiO2 on flooring products to improve the indoor environment may become as common as using aluminum oxide to provide improved wear resistance". 

Välinge Photocatalytic AB is a joint venture between Välinge Innovation AB  and Photocat AS.


Meet Välinge at Domotex - Hannover (Hall 9, booth E08) and Surfaces - Las Vegas (booth S5424) to learn more about ACTiO2.