Nuheat thermostat.Nuheat will launch Signature, a WiFi floor heating thermostat.

Signature will give homeowners full access to all thermostat settings with wireless remote access through a smartphone app (iOS or Android) or a web browser. Changing the temperature or schedule, or viewing energy usage will all be at the homeowners’ fingertips. 

“[Signature] has been designed and developed exclusively for Nuheat by OJ Electronics and after over a year of development, we are extremely excited to bring it to market. Extensive market research from homeowners and contractors alike confirmed the market is expecting connectivity for remote access.  A myriad of household products ranging from locks to lights to heating systems offer the ease of on-the-go control. Our new thermostat allows the user to activate the floor heat for vacation properties or, to simply turn up the heat for a cozy return home,” said Wally Lo, Nuheat’s product manager.

Signature will be priced at $265.00 USD and will be available for sales in spring 2014. 

Signature Features:

WiFi – Easily connects to Wi-Fi network;  802.11 b/g/n compatible and a fully secure network WEP, WPA and WPA2

Screen – 3.5”, 320x480 pixel color backlit LCD touchscreen

Remote access – Control via free smartphone apps (iOS and Android) or a web browser

Programmable – seven-day programmability 

Weather – Outdoor temperature and weather forecast information available according to zip/postal code; supported by The Weather Channel

Energy Usage –View hourly, weekly and monthly usage on the thermostat unit

Nuheat User Portal – Control thermostats in multiple zones/rooms/homes and input local kilowatt charges and heated area square footage for more detailed energy costs

Universally compatible – Compatible with most electric floor heating systems (those with a 10K Ω sensor) 

Easy to Use - “Set-up Wizard” and Test Mode for proper installation

Flooring – Suitable for tile and stone and has a temperature limiting (82°F) feature for laminate and engineered wood floors 

GFCI – Built-in Class A GFCI

Custom Preferences – Users can set custom preferences ranging from languages (Eng/Fre/Spa), 12 or 24 hour clock, C° or F°, to screen brightness

Design Element – Boasts a high gloss frame with a modern borderless clear acrylic overlay

Specifications – UL approved, dual-voltage; compatible for 120V and 240V systems. 15-amp relay to control up to 150 square feet in 120V and 300 square feet in 240V 

Warranty – three-year manufacturer’s warranty

Sensor – Can be controlled by floor or room temperature sensor 

Clock – Automatic daylight savings time. Back-up power for up to 12 hours

Adaptive – Adapts turn-on time to ensure floor is always warm at your scheduled time