mapei ultracoatMAPEI is adding another branch to its growing family tree of wood-flooring products. The Ultracoat line was designed in Europe, where it has developed a proven track record of performance. MAPEI Americas is now bringing the Ultracoat finishing materials and wood maintenance products to the United States to round out its Ultrabond ECO line of wood-flooring installation products.

“We are excited about introducing these products in the U.S. because Ultracoat expands our market opportunities in the wood-flooring industry to include site-finished wood flooring,” said Jeff Johnson, business manager for Floor Covering Installation Systems and Surface Preparation Products. “According to statistics, approximately 50% of wood flooring installed is site-finished, and now MAPEI supports this industry with a line of exceptional, proven products – the Ultracoat line.”

MAPEI’s full line of Ultracoat wood-floor finishing materials, plus products for maintenance of those floors, falls into four categories:

1. Wood-floor finishing accessories

2. Basecoats

3. Finishes

4. Maintenance products

MAPEI meets the industry benchmark for these products through UV-resistance, traffic-resistance and ease of application.

Two polyurethane finishes in the Ultracoat line – Ultracoat Easy Plus one-component, water-based wood-flooring finish and Ultracoat High Traffic two-component, water-based wood-flooring finish – have received the National Wood Flooring Association’s Approved Product Seal and Approved Eco Product Seal. 

The National Wood Flooring Association's (NWFA) Accepted Product Seal program identifies wood-flooring products that meet or exceed established industry standards. The Accepted Eco Product Seal identifies specific products that meet or exceed certain eco-friendly standards. To gain approval for the Accepted Product Seal, MAPEI had its product line tested to ensure it conforms to established third-party testing specifically for finishes, stains and sealers. The product line will be retested and re-documented annually to ensure that the standards are continually met.