titebond tapeTitebond has made it easier to install wood flooring with the introduction of its new Wood Flooring Tape.

The tape introduces a proprietary pressure sensitive technology to simplify installation of just about any type of engineered or solid wood flooring. Installers waste no time nailing and filling in nail holes. They just cut the double-sided, two-inch-wide foam tape to size and apply to quickly and easily bond everything from starter rows, replacement boards, reducers, bull noses and baseboards to base shoes, t-moldings and baby thresholds. 

Strong initial grab holds planks and trim firmly in position as the adhesive begins to build strength. With exposure to humidity and moisture from the subfloor, wood flooring and air, the adhesive reaches full strength in 72 hours, forming a permanent bond to keep wood securely in place without the use of nails.

Flooring installers will find the Titebond Wood Flooring Tape to be extremely versatile, too, able to bond to practically every subfloor material: concrete, primed lightweight concrete, OSB and plywood. The high-performing acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive also handles a variety of temperatures and conditions and offers excellent heat and solvent resistance.

Titebond Wood Flooring Tape is available in 40-foot rolls – enough tape for the average-sized room – from flooring stores, building supply stores and Titebond distributors. It joins a respectable line of trusted flooring products from Titebond, including wood and resilient flooring adhesives as well as subfloor moisture control systems that are fully compatible with the new tape.

More information on all of these products – and Titebond’s broad line of wood glues, construction adhesives and sealants – is available at www.titebond.com.