Stonhard offers a combination of wear, chemical and abrasion resistance and high-performing design capabilities in their product line; installed in pharmaceutical processing, educational and healthcare facilities.

Stonhard’s Stontec system presents a modern color scheme by incorporating colorful flakes into an epoxy or urethane based mortar system, while remaining easy to clean.

The Stontec product line is available in twelve standard modern shades, with custom blends also available to meet a wide array of discriminating design tastes. Additionally, the flakes are available in multiple sizes. Mixing flake colors and sizes within the floor space of adjoining areas can result in truly one-of-a-kind, dramatic results.

Stonhard floors are built to last the lifetime of the building, eliminating the need for costly shut downs and repairs. Stonhard systems are also designed to be installed quickly, reducing the amount of time necessary to complete renovations and new construction projects.

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