Armstrong World Industries has partnered with the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) to present two-day, hands-on, individualized skills training on installations from the beginning stages through to the finished floor.

“Armstrong World Industries places a strong emphasis on flooring installation training,” said Tim Provence of Armstrong Installation and Technical Services.  “Our partnership with the International Certified Flooring Installers Association, CFI, is one of the many avenues by which this training is conducted.” 

“In the past two months, working with the CFI Installation Training and Certification Programs, Armstrong has added over 30 installers to our Certified Installer Program,” said Provence. “Installers are required to successfully complete the CFI Training and Certification, turn in homework assignments, understand the Armstrong Technical Manuals and complete a separate certification test for Armstrong. By working with CFI, we meet dedicated installers who share the same pride and professionalism.” 

Installers learn substrate properties and the use of meters to perform testing by actively participating in the tasks on which they are graded using a point system.This is followed by skills sessions on designed for laminate flooring beginning with the layout, balancing the floor, fitting and the proper installation techniques.  Moisture retarding systems and the installation of two types of laminate flooring complete the segment. 

The wood training follows with the installation of a floating system, a glue-down floor and a nail-down floor. All products are to be installed using the manufacturer’s guidelines.The installers are graded on each step in the application of the flooring.    

The resilient training includes preparation, testing procedures, and effects of moisture, safety, the substrate and subfloor properties, patching compounds types, evaluation of the existing flooring, general rules of removal and the layout. It also includes fitting the materials, preparation of the substrate, embossing levelers, seam cutting, pattern alignment, tools, bonding, adhesives, seam treatments and the installation from start to finish. 

Homework is assigned and the Armstrong written test is administered which must be successfully completed to receive the Armstrong Certified Installer designation. 

“Armstrong values quality workmanship and we back this with the Certified Installer guarantee. This program and the benefits are unequalled in the industry,” stated Provence. “At Armstrong we are very serious about installation training because we consider customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal. The Armstrong Certified Installer Program (ACIP) continues to grow in numbers because we are reaching installers who are as dedicated to this as Armstrong is. “ 

“It is important to note that in today’s market, many installers have become proficient in various types of flooring to serve the customer’s needs.  Armstrong recognizes this and offers the ACIP in laminate, commercial sheet flooring, linoleum, residential sheet flooring, residential tile and hardwood flooring.  It is our goal as a company to motivate installers to use the techniques and materials that allow installation jobs to be performed correctly and to minimize customer dissatisfaction and claims,” Provence added.

“The Armstrong Certified Installer Program provides website recognition, differentiates the installers from their competition, increases pride and motivation because it is a true skills test, not a rubber stamp and carries financial benefits to enhance the Armstrong Installation Warranty,” said Provence. “This is worth the installer’s time to complete the training, use the correct techniques on the job and be prepared to stop the job if the materials should be defective or the type of installation that is required cannot be performed to achieve customer satisfaction.”