labelMarcus Palm, director of legal affairs at Välinge has announced that the launch of the L2C holographic label system has been successful and its scope will be further extended during 2014.

Since the launch of the holographic label system in late autumn 2012, starting in China, Välinge has agreed with its Chinese licensed partners, to attach a unique holographic label with a specific serial number on each box of products that is manufactured and sold under a license from Välinge. As previously announced, any products covered by the system that are manufactured and sold without the appropriate label are considered as un-licensed and infringing products. 

"The launch of the holographic label system has been successful and Välinge is satisfied with the results achieved so far. It has even further strengthened Välinge’s belief in the system and our expectations that it will contribute to prevent the existence of un-licensed products and generate fair market terms protecting the interests of Välinge’s licensed partners as well as other actors doing business with products manufactured by Välinge’s licensees," says Palm.

In accordance with information previously announced, Välinge has decided to extend the scope of the label system. The intention is to extend the label system to also cover additional production regions before the end of year 2014, in order to further increase the actions against patent infringements. The new production regions to be covered by the system will soon be announced.